The Quality of
Our Stone

The quality of stone is a reflection of the knowledge, applied throughout the entire stone quarrying and processing chain. Portugal’s historical experience with natural stone refers to the most emblematic buildings and pavements, which have contributed for hundreds of years to the knowledge that is rooted in Portuguese companies.

How far creativity
can take us

From the simplest objects in our daily lives to the great constructions that tell us our history and the evolution of our civilization, the stone appears in the smallest details but also in the most megalomaniacal projects that society knows until today.
Stone gives note of its own natural phenomenon, its constructions, its importance in our daily lives, from religion to cuisine

Calçada (Retrato de Amália Rodrigues)

Alexandre Farto a.k.a. Vhils

Don’t Look Back | Sagmeister & Walsh

Exhibition Still Motion

Conversadeira | Eduardo Souto de Moura

First Stone Project

Garden Bench | Álvaro Siza

Resistance Event

The know-how

From the manual application used on the Portuguese pavement, to the use of the most innovative techniques for the construction for major works, we can see the convergence between the quality of our stone and the quality of our people, resulting in the so recognized and prestigious Portuguese know-how. Emerging technologies and the entire digital universe have become the new allies of an industry that, based on its millenary history, projects itself into the future

In Memoriam | Peter Saville

Still Motion

Dice | Carsten Höller


Benefits that
can be felt


Since the beginning of its use, the stone has assumed great aesthetic relevance. The notion of beauty is being adapted to trends and forms of the time, but natural stone remains a timeless symbol of beauty and sophistication.

Colors, Textures

As a synthetic material, there are colors and stone textures that allow any creative to translate imagination into a final work. In Portugal, we can find basalt, limestone, marble, granite, slate and variations of these, resulting in hundreds of alternatives of different aesthetics.


Given its characteristics, the stone can be used in the most different artistic expressions, applied both in small design and art projects as well as in large architecture works spread all over the world.


Portuguese stone is recognized as being a trendy material, together with influential designers and architects, as well as other prescribers, presenting itself as a contemporary and sophisticated product, as well as quite diversified in terms of aesthetic solutions, in order to correspond to the more demanding projects.

Strength and durability

Singularity is the adjective that perhaps best characterizes natural stone, not only because it reflects its unique formation process, but also reflects the characteristics of resistance and durability that no other natural material has.

Stones for
all emotions

Portugal, due to the morphology of its territory, presents some natural phenomena where the stone is, of course, the protagonist. Thus, nature offers us a diverse pallet of materials with the most varied characteristics, allowing the use of stone as a reflection of creativity and human emotions.

Marble Ruivina Escuro

Granite Azul Ponte de Lima

Limestone Lioz