The excellence of
portuguese natural stone

The stone has an identity that remains today synonymous with a truly amazing universe that, extracted from Mother Nature, made a point of following the evolution of the times and showing itself in the details of our daily lives. Its natural qualities of beauty, durability and solidity, make portuguese stone a raw material of excellence that, in addition to an interesting testimony of millions of years of geological evolution, make it a material with unique aptitudes.

As a natural resource, stone has always been used by man since the very beginning, either for the construction of tools and instruments but also as a shelter. Always considered as an eternal and noble material along times, stone was widely used also for the expression of the highest honours to its gods.

There are several stone constructions that have survived to the present day that, reveal a little of this past to us, while witnessing, at the same time, the close relationship that the stone has always maintained with human beings.

Sines Art Center

Atelier Aires Mateus & Associados

Church Nossa Senhora dos Navegantes

Architect José Maria Dias Coelho

Champalimaud Center - Champalimaud Foundation

Architect Charles Correa

A world in
Portuguese Stone

The stone, always the stone. Challenging time, the whims and the imagination of men. Stone, even the most insignificant, has an irrefutable value, almost always resists the time of the one who works it, consumes it or inhabits it. Stone industry doesn’t just sell stone. Sells eternity.

Portuguese Stone
around the world

Over the past few years, portuguese architecture has won some of the highest and most prestigious national and international awards. Not only the art and ingenuity of the architects were part of the equation, but also the materials chosen and used, with special emphasis on ornamental stones with Portuguese origin, are a key element in major architectural and design projects, both in Portugal and around the world.

Philharmonie of Paris

Ateliers Jean Nouvel

Stairs at Villa Dollunay


Cathédrale Notre Dame de la Treille

Architects Pierre-Louis Carlier and Peter Rice


Portuguese Stone Around The World

From monuments, religious or civil to works of art or buildings with the most varied functions, the book “Pedra Portuguesa no Mundo/Portuguese Stone Around the World” testifies the quality of Portuguese stone.

200 PAGES | 1st EDITION | 2020

Stone PT

Quality Guaranteed
at all levels.

StonePT arises from a partnership between ASSIMAGRA and Instituto Superior Técnico (IST) and consists of a certification that distinguishes Portuguese Natural Stone from all competing products, using the use of independent and credible certification process and stamps, both nationally and internationally, for the recognition of Portuguese Stone as a contemporary quality product.

StonePT, is an example that demonstrates the quality of production and products of the Portuguese ornamental stone industry. More than a brand, this is a symbol of technical evolution and technology that characterize a productive capacity that is distinguished by quality and high international competitiveness.


STONEPT Excellence

Advantages of StonePT certification

  • Ensures quality and distinction;
  • Reinforces customer trust;
  • It makes a difference when compared to its competitors;
  • Certifies the quality and origin of the products;
  • Increases competitiveness by reducing costs but not the quality;
  • Reinforces the company’s image awareness;
  • Facilitates access to new markets;
  • Shows the compliance with national and international standards.